Testimony from Ian’s first meeting to attending Berea Academy

November 16, 2020
Dear Sungrak church,
I would like to have the book LET US KNOW JESUS.
How can I buy it?

November 17, 2020
I am searching for readings about Jesus in Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.
I’ve read some writings from Sungrak church in Instagram, which is very “unusual” compare to the other churches I knew.
The teaching to return to the Words so much different from all churches I’ve attended all this time.
I am catholic since I was in primary school, but not real catholic. I went to several Christian churches as well but never get interested.  I do not have peace of mind. They yell for fortune or wealth.
When I read yours, it touched me deeply.
Awesome, praise God.

February 27, 2021
I thank you for the opportunity. I overjoyed.
But I think I’m not qualified to have an Online Berea Academy. There’s rule for everything. I should respect it. Maybe next academy year I will get a chance for it.
Meanwhile I have a lot to learn God’s will from the sermon available in IG or FB or Utube. 

March 13, 2021
Pre-course of Berea Academy is online as well?
Great. Thank you so much.

July 7, 2021
I am grateful that up to now God keep me save and healthy. It is worse currently in Indonesia.. not getting better yet. We’re home lock. Sad to hear friends and families died of covid. This pandemic is surely devil’s work, right?
I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to know Sungrak church and learn about Jesus.  This book gave me has lots of knowledge of the bible. That I’ve never have thought before. It opens my religious mind and heart.

I never know before that I have the power and authority given by Jesus. To cast out demons, heal sicknesses and preach the gospel. How worthless I am, like a trash to be burnt at the end. But God’s grace saved us, and promised eternal life, forgive our sins and even send us the Holy Spirit.  This is the reason to rejoice and thankful.

But we live in devil’s world, the hades. And they tempted man, deceive and kill. And they are so many (deceiving spirit and demons). How can we survive? A lot of times we do not aware that we are being deceived. Like I thought that it is my bad attitude of being. Angry, stressful, hatred. How stupid I was. It is their works, to separate us from the love of God. That is the reason for praying continuously.

So I have lots to learn.  I feel my life have purpose now. Like written in liverpool fc logo: you will never walk alone. I have Jesus. I am not alone. I still have my questions list.  I understand one thing, that we must worship in spirit and in truth. It means, we do not use our Emotions, worldly knowledge, that is inside our soul.  With our brain we can never understand the bible (only with the Holy Spirit). We worship in spirit where the Holy Spirit is to guide us, and in truth, according to God’s Word, the bible.

Thanks for your kindness to help me learn the bible. I sincerely pray you’re protected always with God’s love.

February 20, 2022
I really need to be able to evangelize and save souls. So to be chosen for the first resurrection. So I need to learn the Words of God through Berea Academy. However, the fees could not pay in full at once. Thanks for your kind attention and consideration.

February 28, 2022
I’d like to share something about it. I pray a lot for berea academy because I don’t think I can pay the fee. On Chinese New year (early Feb) I received some amount of money just enough to pay the fee. Praise God. Thanks to you too.

from I, Indonesia